I am your firm, smiley and passionate “kick you in the butt” health and fitness coach! I’m eager to encourage you towards a conscious, vibrant and healthy life!

Coach Tracey

TRACEY about

Tracey Abdul-Wahhab is a certified Health and Fitness Coach and a lifetime student of nutrition. As a Health and Fitness Coach, Tracey provides support and guidance to women with setting and reaching their personalized health and wellness goals.

Tracey’s journey for conscious living began in 1999, awakening to her purpose in life of serving and worshipping the Creator.  However, it was not until years later that she realized that worshipping also involved maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and a whole food based diet.

Tracey received her training from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2009.  During her studies she learned that relationships, spirituality, fitness, and career are all forms of nutrition. As the founder and owner of It’s All Food, one of the concepts taught during Tracey’s program is, everything we eat and engage in is ultimately feeding us, so choosing good foods on and off the plate is imperative to ones complete well-being. Tracey shares her passion for vibrant living and happiness with others by conducting nutritional and fitness workshops, cooking class demonstrations, healthy food store tours and kitchen pantry makeovers.

Tracey is also a certified group fitness instructor through the Aerobics Fitness Association of America, SharQui bellydance total body workout instructor and board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioner.

Tracey is a strong believer in the need for continuing education and training to ensure her knowledge and skills remain current and pertinent. Tracey is currently enrolled in the Female Athlete Wellness program at The Integrative Women’s Health Institute and working on attaining a certification in Sports Nutrition through Shaw University.

Tracey was born in New Jersey, raised in Texas and now resides in Maryland surrounded by her loving and supportive family and friends. She is the wife of a retired Air Force veteran, a mother and grandmother.

Tracey’s Favorites: God, holding her grandson, smiling, green tea ice cream, hiking, dancing (with or without music), singing (nope, cannot carry a note), playing games, riding bike LaLa, shoes (preferably high heels and tennis shoes).