Workshops designed with your health in mind

I teach you how to make smart choices when it comes to what you put in your body. Through my interactive workshops, you'll learn simple ways to fuel your body and live a vibrantly blessed life!

Wellness is…Workshop

Designed to bring awareness to the connection between the foods we eat and the factors present in our daily life while providing supportive knowledge.



Juicing & Smoothie Workshop

Liquid awesomeness in a glass! During this discussion around juicing and blending, you will learn how fun,yummy and easy it is to incorporate powerhouse nutrients into your daily diet.

Conscious Grocery Shopper Tour

During this grocery tour we’ll discuss nutrition and food facts while sharing tips on how to make healthy selections for you and your household.

Kitchen Shape-Up

Whip your kitchen into shape by giving your pantry a nutritional makeover. We’ll provide tips on how to reduce empty calorie foods, replacing them with more nutrient dense healthier alternatives.

“…Everything we eat and engage in is ultimately feeding us, so choosing good foods on and off the plate is imperative to ones complete well-being”

Coach Tracey