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Welcome to a more Vibrant You!

Healthier Body . More Focused Mind . Joyful Spirit through
healthful eating, invigorating workouts, and mindful self-care.

We provide women with the tools on how to create a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle by consistently and positively feeding their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. 


Corporate Wellness

Customized wellness programs for businesses and the individual with demanding work schedule. Stay on track of fitness and wellness goals even while at work.


Group Wellness

Group sessions are designed for those who thrive camaraderie, require extra accountability, find it easier in numbers, plus save money!



Personalized guidance, support and accountability where we work together to recalibrate you, learn to make YOU a priority, put things in perspective.


Love Me Zone

This space is designed for women just like yourself! Selfless women that include everyone on the priority list BUT themselves!

Here we will release any suppressed emotions of guilt regarding “me time.” Our time together is your opportunity to renew wellness intentions, refocus on what’s most important to you, and recharge your mind, body and spirit through guilt-free, self-love activities.

Work with us to release your feminine power!

We teach you how to make smart choices when it comes to what you put in your body. Through our interactive workshops, you'll learn simple ways to fuel your body and live a vibrantly blessed life!

Food Pick Up
Wellness is…
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Juicing & Smoothie
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Conscious Grocery Shopper Tour
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Kitchen Shape-Up

Designed to bring awareness to
the connection between the foods
we eat and the factors present in
our daily life.

Liquid awesomeness in a glass!
This discussion involves the art of 
juicing and blending.

This tour we’ll discuss nutrition and
food facts while sharing tips on how
to make healthy selections.

Whip your kitchen into shape by giving your pantry a nutritional makeover with nutrient dense healthier alternatives.

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News & Media 

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View our healthy lifestyle recipes!

Fresh Breakfast Choices


Heart Healthy Lunches

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Delicious & Simple Dinners


Smoothies and Desserts

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