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After going to Coach Tracey’s Infused Cardio classes, I realized my cardio workouts were not getting the job done. The results I’ve gained from her classes are not only physical but mentally which gives me the push through needed to reach the goals I set. The classes are intense with well thought out! 
Bayinah ~ Washington, D.C.

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I admire your (Tracey) personal stamina & enthusiasm during this coaching session and will highly recommend your fitness coaching services.

Kori ~ Cheverly, Maryland

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Tracey is an amazing coach and trainer!!! She has the ability to work you out until your body hurts but make you feel good about it. She also works to make sure she can modify her  workout if you can not do

each move. Everybody needs to come out and give her classes a try!!

Fatima ~ Hyattsville, Maryland

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Tracey is the constant professional in providing fun, safe and always evolving exercises that allows your body to gain a toned definition with increased strength; enhanced with flexibility. She is very knowledgeable on health and nutrition and will develop a plan based on your individual needs not “one size fits all” mentality. It is wonderful being a part of her classes and really having a fantastic time while getting fit. And might I add, she has a phenomenal personality that exudes positivity.

Carolyn ~ Suitland, MD

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IF you want substantial muscle toning, ab burning, thigh frying, lungs bursting GOODNESS, Tracey’s INFUSED CARDIO CLASS, HITS THE MARK!

Aaliyah~Washington, D.C.

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Tracey’s spirited energy, love and dedication to her client’s health is a direct result of her love for life. I’ve had the honor to be her client since 2008 and her service and commitment to the community via health wellness education is unparalleled. She’s truly a living example of what it means to enjoy life and your body to it’s fullest. She not only talks the talk, she walks the walk and is my go to person whenever I want to find out if the newest “it thing” is as good as everyone says. She’s the ABSOLUTE BEST KEPT SECRET in the field of health and wellness right now.

Tamara ~ Saudi Arabia, Owner, SisterShine Life Coaching

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Outstanding master of her craft; Tracey embodies the tenacity and drive of a Drill Sergeant!  Her rigorous trainings not only demonstrate physical success but spiritual as well. She is concerned about the total person; mind, body and soul. Her healthy lifestyle and zest for achievement is contagious!

Leslie ~ Houston, TX

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